Scott Schuette

Owner & Director of Education
Scott began using Revit in 2004 when the firm he was working for switched drawing formats to Revit.  After making his career as an Autocad specialist, Scott found the transition to Revit challenging.  He attributed his challenges to Revit being new to the Architectural industry and inadequate training available at the time.  It was only when Scott went back to using Autocad that he realized the value in Revit as a drawing format.  From then on, Scott dedicated himself to the program and how to best teach others.  It is because of his past struggles that he has empathy for those needing to learn the program; Scott likes to say he "Specializes in teaching the Experienced Professionals Revit"
In 2009, Scott officially began his teaching career with one of the Autodesk resellers in town. It was in this position that Scott found his passion and natural gift as a teacher. In 2010, Maryville University and Ranken Technical College both called to offer Scott teaching positions. Students from both schools have consistently requested Scott to teach additional classes at their firms. Thus, The Knowledge Cafe was born. "At The Knowledge Cafe, our experiences are our greatest asset."


Kerry Schuette

Director of Business Development
Kerry brings with her more than 17 years of design experience in the architecture and interior design industry. Kerry has worked for large architectural firms in St. Louis including HOK, the Lawrence Group, Christner, and Forum Studio.  Kerry also served as the Director of Interior Design for Mercy. In this position, Kerry was responsible for the development of new design standards and guidelines as well as oversight for the implementation of those guidelines across the system.

Kerry's experience, reputation, and the vast number of contacts she has developed during her career are unmatched. These relationships are built on commitment, honesty, ability, and professional respect. These traits are the core values on which The Knowledge Cafe has been built.


Melissa Hildenbrand

Software Specialist
A native Texan, Melissa moved to St. Louis in fall of 2011 to pursue interior design at Maryville University. There, she realized the joy she found in helping classmates understand unfamiliar software and in assisting their design decisions. She joined the team at Knowledge Cafe in November of 2014 prior to graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts in Interior Design. She brings a passion for education and a positive attitude to Knowledge Cafe.

Melissa is an artisan at heart whose favorite pastime is creating in all different mediums. She dabbles in painting, cooking, and other artistic endeavors. If she’s making something with her hands, she’s content.